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Since 2005 I’ve been designing, manufacturing, building, and repairing all types of wooden craft for homes, workplaces and religious sites . With such a legacy in the business, I understand that being a great Carpenter requires time, patience, attention to detail, and quality materials. These ingredients go into every piece I craft, so everything is original and built to last the test of time.


About Me

I began my business in 2005 with the aspiration of building high quality wood craft. What began as building something out of necessity, grew into a full-time company specializing in custom handcrafted goods. Artistry isn’t just the execution and production of new Kapila Wood Works pieces, it’s also making sure each piece will look beautiful wherever it’ll be displayed. Contact me to learn more about how I can work with you.


A Sampling of Beautiful Products

What I Design

Kitchen Island
Animal Print Chair
Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Kitchen Island Wood Top


Mahogany Arm Chair


Custom Window Frame



"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

Johannes Brahms



Thalangama, Battaramulla

0713519870, 0716514300


0713519870, 0716514300

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